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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Nigeria Road Safety Tips & Procedures | Shocking Facts Only Nigerian Road Users Can Understand

Nigeria Road Safety | 7 Crazy Attributes Of Nigerian Roads 

nigeria road safety
On Nigerian Roads Nigeria road safety is everybody's business, and that is why we consider putting up a post like this to remind you or let you know what is happening on Nigerian roads. For first time drivers or regular road users here in Nigeria, there are series of daily experience you must encounter while plying Nigerian roads.

Driving on Nigerian roads can be fun, crazy, worrisome or stressful depending on different factors you have no control over. To drive successfully on Nigerian road, a driver or rider need to be highly sensitive and alert because there are lots of drama you will experience on your trip.

On this post, I have carefully selected the top 7 attributes you will surely find on Nigerian roads.

#7 - Nigeria Road Safety Tips 

Traffic Signal 

nigeria road safety
Everybody is aware that traffic signals help make the movement of vehicles and people easier and less cumbersome on major or busy roads. It is quite unfortunate that there is no traffic signal on most Nigerian roads and in some areas where there is, most road users don’t really comply except when measures are put in place to keep a check on that.

In order to ensure that there is compliance to road / traffic signals, there are always traffic warders who are stationed at strategic locations especially at major junctions or roundabouts to make movement easier.

#6 Nigeria Road Safety Tips

Traffic Jam 

nigeria road safety
It is generally referred to ‘go slow’ or ‘hold up’ in Nigeria. It is not unusual to experience such when plying Nigerian roads but I must confess that traffic jam in Nigeria is legendary especially on busy roads.

If you are traveling to a location for the first time and you don’t want to get there behind schedule, it is always advisable for you to take off early. Most traffic jams are often caused by vehicle breakdown, accidents, and bad roads to mention a few.

#5 Nigeria Road Safety Tips 


nigeria road safety
Most road users in Nigeria are always impatient. Everyone is always in haste, which is the reason why most cars get crashed or dented. Whenever there is a situation like this, you see them park on the road and start arguing rather than do the right thing, thereby preventing other road users from moving.

It is also a common phenomenon whenever one lane is blocked, you will start seeing other vehicles plying the other lane facing the oncoming vehicles. This also is another major cause of traffic jam mentioned earlier.

#4 Nigeria Road Safety Tips 

Pedestrian Crossing

nigeria road safety
Impatience mentioned above is not limited to drivers and riders but also pedestrians as well. Nigerians are used to running across the roads and it is very common for some to even get their calculation wrong and get struck by oncoming vehicle or bike.

The reason for this kind of behavior can be attributed to the fact that most roads doesn't have pedestrian bridge, marks or traffic signals to coordinate the movement of vehicles, bikes and pedestrian; and in the absence of this, we can’t do away with hit and run on Nigerian roads.

#3 Nigeria Road Safety Tips

Corps On The Road

nigeria road safety
It is not new for regular road users to see corps at different locations while plying Nigerian roads. The purpose of their presence is well understood by most road users especially the commercial drivers and riders.

Most times there must be exchange of hands to avoid story that torches especially if you don’t want delay. In addition, they often check if your papers are up to date among other security checks.

#2 Nigeria Road Safety Tips 


nigeria road safety
Some roads are known as traffic jam spot i.e. it is mandatory for you to experience traffic jams at such locations. Such places are business spot for most roadside hawkers. It is an avenue for them to advertise their goods to you.

The list of items you can buy from this spot is endless; from food items to daily needs and household items. In a situation where you have to stay for long hours in such traffic jam especially on busy roads like Lagos – Ibadan highway, you may have no choice than to patronize those hawkers at least for drinks and other items.

#1 Nigeria Road Safety Tips

Okada / Taxi Drivers 

nigeria road safety
If you are a car owner plying Nigerian roads, you will notice that ‘okada riders’ and commercial drivers are Nigeria version of fast & furious. They are always impatient and right all the time.

Some don’t even know how to use their indicator and when they do, you have to make your calculations to understand where they are really going. If you don’t even what to be called names, it is advisable not to correct them because they feel they are always right until they hit you and start begging.

When you are driving, you need to always avoid them and be watchful of their own manner of driving.


When driving on Nigerian roads, always be cautious, control your speed, use your indicator properly & follow all road / traffic signs & signals. Before You Leave, Kindly share with us through the comment box below what you feel about these facts and you can also share your experience on Nigerian roads.

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