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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Bad Habits Tips| Top 7 Bad Habits You Shouldn't Try In The Public

Bad Habits Tips - Top 7 Habits Considered Bad In Public

Ethically, there are certain things you don’t do in public. This kind of habits is generally unacceptable or unpleasant to people around you wherever you find yourself. Apart from the fact that these habits are not welcomed in public, they are unhygienic.

In case you probably don’t know, personal hygiene has to do with promoting good habits at personal level such as washing of hands and body, brushing of teeth, cutting of nails among other body care. When you do this regularly, it keeps you healthy by preventing harmful germs away from you.

Public hygiene or public health on the other hand as to do with promoting human health through application of sanitary measures to prevent communicable diseases in the society.

Both personal and public hygiene works hand in hand because without personal hygiene, public health is in danger. Charity they say begins at home, when you get it right at individual level, it will help you maintain healthy practices whenever you find yourself in public.

However, it is not uncommon to find some people misbehave in public either deliberately or accidentally. When this occur, definitely, those people around will react negatively such that the person will feel bad about what just happened.

In other to avoid embarrassments associated with violating public hygiene ethics, here are top 7 habits you should always avoid whenever you are in any public gardening.


Coughing / Sneezing

Bad Habits Tips
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Everybody is aware that both coughing and sneezing are involuntary actions i.e. they are body reactions you have little or no control over.

However, the fact that you have cough or cold doesn't permit you to expose other people to get infected. If you know you have cough or cold, it is better to avoid being close to people. Get yourself treated on time and ensure your drugs are used correctly as prescribed by your doctor.

In addition, whenever you want to cough in public, cover your mouth and keep your hands clean by using your upper arm as a shield or a clean handkerchief.



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Nothing is as annoying as cigarette smoke to non smokers especially when in a public gardening. According to reports, it is even believed that second hand smoking is worse than smoking directly.

Think about it, do you have to make other people uncomfortable because you want to satisfy your appetite for smoking? I believe the answer should be NO! In order to prevent people from seeing you as a castaway, you have to avoid smoking when you are in public or when shearing office, bus or room with non smokers.

It is advisable for you to take a walk away from where people are, then move to a designated smoking spot or in case there is none, you can look for a vacant space and do your smoking.



bad habits tips
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It is a very bad impression for you to appear untidy in any public gardening. You must have heard before that the way you dress determines how you will be addressed; this is absolutely true.

Nobody wants to associate themselves with an untidy person. It is not unusual to find people who don’t shower regularly, put on dirty cloths, people with body odor etc, and this kind of people are not always respected in the society.

In order to avoid this kind of treatment, dedicate a day for laundry if you have to do it by yourself, wash and iron your cloths ahead of time, take your bath twice daily, brush your teeth to avoid mouth odor and tooth decay and spend some budget on lotions, body sprays / deodorants.


Running Nose / Picking Of Nose

bad habits tips
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Some people get carried away easily, if not, why should someone be picking his / her nose in public. Although, it is common to see people do this, but that doesn't mean it is proper.

If you still don’t see anything bad in this; you can then imagine someone who just picked his/her nose with bare hands offering you handshake or fruits like apple, mango, cucumber or carrot to eat; how will you feel?

Apart from picking of nose, if you have a running nose, otherwise known as catarrh, you don’t have to abandon or let the nasal discharge also known mucus stay around the nose for all eyes to see. Get treatment as soon as you can and always keep your nose tidy.



bad habits tips
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Some people do find pleasure in releasing gas with repulsive smell when in public. Even though flatulence is a normal process where gas is being released from the digestive system through the anus but ethically, you need to take a walk away from where people are when this is about to happen.

If you are caught farting where people are, you know the kind of treatment you will receive. To avoid this kind of embarrassment, it is good to always walk away in order to ease yourself.



bad habits tips
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Air pollution can take any form, one of which can be noise making. Noise making can be frustrating and disruptive to hearing in most cases. Even though some people are used to talking loudly but people around that vicinity also need to be considered because you might be causing distraction or confusion as the case may be.

Shouting every time you talk can affect people’s perception about you. It is not everywhere or every situation you have to shout. Avoid creating unnecessary scenes that can make people start calling you names.


Bad Habits

bad habits tips
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Other bad habits include biting of nails, playing with your hair, torching your face especially ladies with makeup, not washing your hand before / after eating or torching raw fruits. The list is endless; you can as well share those bad habits you know are worth shearing in the comment box below.


All the bad habits mentioned above are harmful to individuals and society at large. Harmful bacteria can easily spread through whatever you torch. You are advised to always keep your hands clean, use hand sanitizers and get your tissue handy at all times.

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