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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Cucumber Health Benefits | Benefits Of Cucumber Juice & Fruit

Cucumber Health Benefits: Top Reasons Why You Should Consume More Cucumber

cucumber health benefits
Do you care to know what are cucumber health benefits or you are even wondering if there is any reason why you should add this vegetable to your diet, you need not worry because this post is just here to open your eye to the amazing cucumber health benefits you need to know.

Like I do say every time, you are what you eat; it should be your paramount priority to keenly monitor what you eat. Nutrition plays a key role in determining your general well-being. There is no two ways about it, if you eat healthy foods, definitely it will tell on your health because you will become healthy, whenever infections comes, your rate of recovery will be higher compared to someone who is malnourished or used to eating junk that add to toxin build up in the body.

Foods that are from organic source like fresh fruits and vegetables are great source of antioxidants and other major nutrients needed daily to keep your body functioning optimally. One of the many vegetables you need to keep as your favorite is cucumber because it is nutrient dense. When you eat cucumber regularly you will notice some immediate and long term improvement on your body.

On this post, you will learn everything you need to know about cucumber health benefits, why you should start or continue adding it to your diet on a regular basis as well as the possible side effect of consuming this vegetable excessively.

What Are Cucumbers?

Cucumber belongs to the same family as melons including watermelon. They are one of the healthiest foods that promote good health. Cucumber helps detoxify the body as it contains mostly water and help in prevention of various chronic diseases. Cucumber is low in calorie but rich in nutrients.

Cucumber Nutrition Fact: How Healthy Is Cucumber?

The major nutrients found in cucumber based on every 100g include:

*Energy                    65kj
*Carbohydrates        3.6g
*Sugar                      1.6g
*Water                      95.2g
*Dietary fiber          0.5g
*Fat                          0.1g
*Protein                   0.6g
*Vitamin B1            0.02mg
*Vitamin B2            0.03mg
*Vitamin B3            0.09mg
*Vitamin B5            0.25mg
*Vitamin B6            0.04mg
*Vitamin B9            7µg
*Vitamin C              2.8mg
*Vitamin K             16.4µg
*Calcium                16mg
*Iron                       0.2mg
*Magnessium         13mg
*Fluoride                1.3µg

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Cucumber Health Benefits: What Are The Best Ways To Eat Cucumber?

Cucumber Salad
Cucumber is a cool vegetable that can be consumed in diverse ways; here are different methods you can use to consume your fresh cucumber:

• It can be eaten raw {whole fruit with the skin and seed}
• It can be pickled using vinegar, sugar, spices and salt water known as brine
• You can slice in your salad
• You can blend to make a vegetable juice with addition of other fruits, vegetables or spices.

Cucumber Health Benefits: Are Cucumber Bad For You?

This is a wrong question I must say, the right question should be how healthy is this cucumber you are talking about. Cucumber is absolutely good and safe for consumption. First time eaters should know that its taste is not as bad as they think, in as much as you can drink water, then eating cucumber shouldn't be difficult.

Consumption of cucumber has no adverse effect on health and does not trigger any allergic reaction in most cases. It is good for everybody, both young and old and even pregnant and breastfeeding mums.

What Is The Best Time To Eat Cucumber?

cucumber health benefits
Cucumber Drink
Cucumber can be eaten at any time of the day. You can eat on empty stomach in the morning, you can use it as replacement for snacks during the day, you can also add it to your salad or eat between meals, and you may also eat it before going to sleep at night.

Cucumber Juice Recipe

You can make your cucumber juice with just cucumber alone. Alternatively, you can blend with other fruits, vegetables and spices. Common natural items you can add include ginger, carrot, lemon juice, & apple to mention a few.

To make your cucumber juice, you need to follow this step:


• Cucumber
• Ginger
• Lemon juice
• Food processor {blender}
• Sieve

How To Make:

• Cut cucumber and ginger into small sizes
• Add all sliced cucumber & ginger into the processor and blend from medium to top speed
• Use a sieve to filter the juice to extract only the juice and discard the fiber
• You can now add lemon juice and serve chilled

Cucumber Health Benefits: Top Reasons Why You Should Start Eating Cucumber?

• Cucumber For Skin Care

Cucumber is known for its cool nature in terms of taste and texture. The wonderful cucumber health benefits doesn’t just end in the consumption but its application on skin and face.What issue do you have with your skin or face, cucumber is right there to help get the preferred natural remedy to all types of skin infections and ailment with no side effect.

You can use cucumber to moisturize your skin, treat sunburn, acne, wrinkles, remove scars; tone the skin and other skin related defects. You can simply apply cucumber paste or make a cucumber mask for better result.

Cucumber Face Mask Recipe: How To Make Cucumber Face Mask

There are different combinations of organic components that can be used to form a face mask with almost the same process or preparation methods, the method of preparation is to mash all items together to form a paste and apply the paste on the skin or face directly. Allow to stay for 30 minutes before you rinse off with water.

To make your own cucumber face or body mask, you can mix any of the following items together:

Egg white, aloe vera, yogurt, avocado, milk, coconut oil, original honey, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, tomato, & turmeric

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Cucumber For Hair Health: Does Cucumber Make Hair Grow Faster

As cucumber is good for the skin, it is also great for the hair health. Cucumber helps promote hair growth, prevent hair fall, and protect the scalp. It is a common question often asked by people; does cucumber has any effect to make hair grow fast?

The truth of the matter is, you may not notice a significant effect in a short period of time, but cucumber does help boost hair growth. It is believed that people who eat cucumber often have healthy hair because cucumber contains ascorbic acid, caffeic acid, silica, potassium and magnesium which are helpful for promoting healthy hair.You can start eating more of cucumber and also apply mixture of cucumber and essential oil to maximize the cucumber health benefits to achieve better result.

Cucumber Hair Mask Recipe

To make your home made cucumber hair mask, you need to make a paste and add coconut oil {or olive oil or other essential oils} with apple cider vinegar and yogurt.Apply on scalp & hair and allow staying for at least half an hour before rinsing off.

• Cucumber For Erectile Dysfunction

Cucumber is the vegetable for all with men health not neglected. It contains lots of essential vitamins and minerals needed to improve men’s health. Cucumber is often regarded as the natural Viagra as it helps boost libido because it has amino acids citrulline and arginine.

Men who eat foods or supplements that are rich in citrulline have significant improvement in their performance in the other room. You can eat cucumber regularly for few months to see result.

• Cucumber For Diabetes

Studies shows that cucumber help stimulate insulin balance in the body which make it an ideal vegetable for people living with diabetes. It has low calorie, low carbohydrate and zero glycemic index, making it unlikely to raise blood glucose.

If you have diabetes or looking forward to maintaining a balance blood sugar, it is recommended that you should include cucumber as part of your diabetic meal plan.

• Cucumber For Weight Loss

One of the amazing cucumber health benefits is its ability to help maintain healthy body weight because it contains low calorie & carbohydrate, high fiber and good source of water.Regular consumption of cucumber make you full at all times, suppressing your appetite and reducing your calorie intake which will definitely help you achieve your weight loss goal.

You can add cucumber to your diet on a regular basis and complement the effort with other healthy lifestyle habits to achieve your goal without spending your money on over the counter weight loss products.

• Cucumber For High Blood Pressure

Cucumber is believed to be heart friendly, it contains potassium, magnesium and other nutrients needed for healthy blood pressure. Both high blood pressure and low blood pressure patients need to include cucumber in their diet; it will significantly stabilize your blood pressure and reduce your risk of developing any cardiovascular disease over time.

• Cucumber For Detoxification

Detoxification is the medium through which toxins or free radicals that may cause serious damage to the body are eliminated. Cucumber contains over 90% of water, dietary fiber and other antioxidants that aids metabolism and detoxification in the body.

Detoxification plays a key role in enhancing your recovery from various infections or diseases. It is required to prevent, treat and manage all kind of ailment. Detoxification aid weight loss, protect internal organs, improve immunity and making the body free from toxins build up.

• Cucumber For Pregnant Women

Cucumber is 100% safe for pregnant women. As a matter of fact, it is loaded with all the nutrients needed for healthy pregnancy for both mother and child. Cucumber is a good source of all the vitamins, minerals & antioxidants needed for proper development of the fetus.Regular consumption of cucumber in moderate quantity also help reduce the risk and reverse the effect of gestational diabetes during pregnancy due to its zero glycemic index.

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Other Cucumber Health Benefits

• It is a good source of water, dietary fiber, antioxidants, vitamins & essential minerals
• It has low carbohydrate, low calorie and zero glycemic index
• Cucumber help boost metabolism, hydration and promote dental health
• Cucumber help neutralizes acidity and regulate the blood pH
• Cucumber is a natural diuretic
• Cucumber help protect the kidney, brain, liver and other organs
• Cucumber help prevent inflammation from gout, asthma, & arthritis
• Cucumber is a natural remedy to remove tapeworm from the body
• Cucumber help fight against cancer, anemia, & urinary tract infections
• Cucumber help prevent kidney & bladder stones, ulcer, gastritis and heartburn

Cucumber Health Benefits: What Are The Side Effects Of Cucumber

The major health concern about consumption of cucumber is presence of toxins especially on the skin. You should however ensure that cucumbers are properly washed before consumption.Another major concern is associated with excessive consumption of cucumber which has been linked to cause frequent urination, bloating, & abdominal pain.

Bottom Line!!!

  • Avoid drinking water immediately after eating cucumber
  • Do not mix watermelon juice with milk to avoid gastric disorder
  • Cucumber is safe and healthy, ensure you consume it moderately on a regular basis to improve your health and general well-being

Hope This Post On Cucumber Health Benefits Was helpful, Save A life By Sharing With The World

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