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Friday, March 22, 2019

Ewedu Health Benefits | Top Reasons Why You Should Start Eating Ewedu

Ewedu Health Benefits | Jute Leaves Nutrition Facts You Should Know

Jute leaves need no introduction in Nigeria especially among the Yoruba speaking part of the country but ewedu health benefits is not known by many. It is an integral part of the cultural delicacies that the Yoruba’s cannot play with, even though it is significantly consumed in other parts of the country as well.

ewedu health benefits
jute leaves .... image source: wikipedia
Many thanks to nature, jute leaves is a super food because it is nutrient- dense i.e. it is parked with lots of nutrients that is not known to many even to its lovers.After reading this post, your perception about jute leaves will change and those who have never tried it before wouldn't mind giving it a trial because of the nutrition packed ewedu health benefits.

What Is Jute Leaf?

Jute leaf is known as ‘ewedu’ among the Yorubas , ‘achingbara’ in Igbo, ‘ayoyo’ in Hausa and ‘mulukhiyah’ in Arabic. This plant belongs to the Genus Corchorus. It is an annual herb with few branches and leaves not more than 5-15 cm long. A Jute leaf has a small yellowish flower when matured and lots of seeded capsule.

Ewedu Health Benefits: Parts Mostly Used

The most used part of the jute plant is the leaf because of its fiber content as well as other health benefits we shall discuss later.

Jute Leaves Names By Region: Jute leaves In Different Part Of The World

Ewedu also known as Jute leaves is not only limited to Nigeria alone. It is popular in some other parts of the world with different delicacies. However, here is a little insight on what jute leaf or jute leaf delicacy is called in different parts of the world:

Nigeria {Yoruba: Ewedu Hausa: Miyan Ayoyo Igbo: Achingbara}
Ghana: Ayoyo
Sierra Leone: Used for krain krain stew
Kenya: Known as Murere
Sudan: Known as Khudra
Mali: Known as Fakohoy
Thailand: Known as Bai po
Philippines: Known as Saluyot
Arabic: Mulukhiyah

Jute Leaf Nutritional Facts

The jute leaf is very rich in both nutritional and medicinal properties which make it standout among other leafy greens. Jute leaves contain the following properties:

Beta-carotene, Iron, Calcium, Vitamins, Antioxidants, Protein, Carbohydrates, Zinc, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium, Copper

Ewedu Health Benefits: How To Use Jute Leaf

Jute leaves methods of usage include:

*The leaves can be used as vegetable for cooking
*You can blend the cooked leaves and drink
*You can air dry the leaves and blend to form a powder
*You may consider jute leaf supplements

Ewedu Health Benefits: Jute Leaves Recipes

How To Cook Ewedu Without Potash


*Fresh jute leaves
*Melon {Ground egusi}
*Locust beans {Iru}
*Salt to taste
*Note: You may use baking soda in place of potash


*Put water in a pot to boil for few minutes
*You may add your potash or baking soda
*Add fresh and clean chopped jute leaves
*Allow to boil for five minutes
* Transfer the boiled leaves into a blender to blend or make use of traditional ewedu broom}
*You may now transfer it back to fire and add your ground melon; allow it to boil for another 3 minutes
*Add salt, seasoning & iru; then allow it to simmer together
*You may now serve your ewedu with red sauce to eat your preferred swallow

Note: It is no longer advisable to add potash {Kahun} to your ewedu because there are reports that it could be a risk factor for some health conditions.

Jute Leaves Recipe II: How To Cook Ewedu Alasepo


*Lots of jute leaves
*Okra {optional & little}
*Red pepper
*Locust beans {Iru}
*Meat /Fish
*Palm oil


*Boil your jute leaves and okra and blend with a blender or ewedu broom and keep aside
*Boil your meat and fish separately and set aside
*Put your sauce pan on fire and add some palm oil
*Add your ground pepper to fry; then your iru {locust beans}
*Add little water from the boiled assorted meat/fish
*Add the assorted meat/fish
*Add your blended jute leaves and okra {optional} and stir till your desired thickness
*Add seasoning & salt to taste and allow it to simmer together for few minutes
*Your ewedu alasepo is now ready to be served with your preferred swallow

Health Benefits Of Jute Leaf: Functions Of Ewedu

Jute Leaves {Ewedu} For Diabetes

Consumption of ewedu regularly will go a long way in helping you to lower your blood sugar level. Taking jute leaf extract or supplement can assist in maintain effective production and utilization of insulin in your system.Jute leaves contain anti-diabetic properties, flavonoids and phenolic acids in a substantial amount that can help you achieve balance blood glucose.

Jute Leaves {Ewedu} For Hypertension

Jute leaves and its supplement can help reduce high blood pressure. It contains anti-hypertensive properties, polyphenol and key enzymes that help stabilize blood pressure. It has sufficient amount of omega 3, potassium and iron that can lower blood cholesterol & pressure.

Jute Leaves {Ewedu} For Heart Health

Jute leaf is heart friendly; it helps reduce the cholesterol deposit in the blood as well as other toxins that can cause any heart disease and other chronic disease.

Jute Leaves {Ewedu}: Source Of Antioxidants

The composition of antioxidants that is abundant in the jute leaves can help and protect the body against chronic infections and diseases like cancer and cardiovascular diseases.The antioxidants found in the jute leaves extract helps the body to get rid of toxins that may be harmful to the body.

Jute Leaves {Ewedu} For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be embarrassing in the other room; jute leaf can be helpful in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. You need to air dry the fresh leaves and blend to form a powder, you can then add 2 tablespoon of dried jute leaves with pap and repeat twice daily till you see improvement.

Jute Leaves {Ewedu} For Blood Purification

If you are in need of a natural blood purifier, then jute leaf is handy for you. You need to take jute leaves extract or drink more of it daily to cleanse your blood. It contains omega 3 fatty acids and abundant antioxidants to wade off free radicals from your blood.

Other jute leaves health benefits are:

*It aids recovery from liver diseases
*It promotes healthy skin and hair
*It aids treatment and recovery from gonorrhea
*You need jute leaves for healthy teeth and bones
*Jute leaves is needed to enhance your weight loss management
*It is a good source of dietary fiber
*It aids cell growth
*It prevents asthma
*It promotes bowel movement, boost immunity and healing of internal bleeding
*Helpful in treating dysentery and constipation

Jute Leaves {Ewedu} During Pregnancy

Jute leaf is healthy and safe for pregnant women because it contains lots of nutrients that is beneficial to the health and well being of mother & child.

There is a popular believed that jute leaves is often used to induce labor but there is no concrete evidence that jute leave can cause any complication during pregnancy. However, moderation is key when it comes to nutrition especially when you are pregnant.

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