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Friday, March 22, 2019

Hives Natural Remedies {INARUN} | How To Cure Nettle Rash With Nigerian Herbs

Hives {INARUN} - Nettle Rash Home Remedy

hives treatment
Nettle rashes, urticaria or hives usually occur in children though it can be found in adults too. It mostly affects the skin and can be painful and uncomfortable.The affected area usually change in appearance and in some cases may disappear within a short period of time.

On this post, we shall explore the full details of nettle rash and best cure for hives you need to know.

What is Nettle Rash?

Nettle rash can also be called hives or urticaria and ‘INARUN’ among Yoruba speaking part of Nigeria. Nettle rash usually affects the skin and it is characterized by itching, swelling, painful rashes that may start from any part of the body and then spread all across the body.

Who Is At Risk Of Nettle Rash?

Nettle rash is predominantly found among children but can also be seen among adults too.

Categories Of Nettle Rash

Nettle rash can be categorized into either of the following:

Acute Urticaria

This type of rash occurs and disappears within few hours or six weeks maximum. The underlying cause of acute urticaria could be food allergy, medication reaction, viral illness or insect sting.

Chronic Urticaria

This may last for more than six weeks. The root cause of chronic urticaria unlike acute urticaria may not be easily identified and require long term treatment.

Hives On Arm ... image source: wikipedia

Risk Factors Of Nettle Rash {Causes Of Inarun}

The following factors may determine or trigger urticaria or hive in any individual:

  • Food Allergy
  • Environmental Factor (Cold, Sunlight, Sweating or Water)
  • Touching stinging nettle or applying nettle on skin
  • Medication reaction
  • Infections
  • Insect bites

What To Avoid?

  • Avoid medications that contains aspirin / codeine / antibiotics / anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Avoid blood pressure medications
  • Avoid tight cloths and warm temperatures
  • Avoid green tea
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid stress

Natural Remedy for Nettle Rash - Ogun Inarun

Aloe Vera + Cucumber For Hives treatment

Extract aloe vera gel and blend together with cucumber. Apply the paste on the skin and allow to stay for several minutes before you wash. Do this repeatedly.

Turmeric + Water For Hives treatment

You can add one tablespoon of turmeric powder in a glass of water. Allow it to settle for a while and stir before drinking.

Plantain leaves For Hives Treatment

You are to crush the plantain leaves to form a paste and apply the paste on the skin. Leave for several minutes before washing. This procedure should be done repeatedly.

Baking Soda + Water For Hives Treatment

Make a paste by adding little water to baking soda and mix thoroughly, apply on the skin to reduce the pain induced by the rash.

Apple Cider Vinegar + Water For Hives Treatment

Apply undiluted apple cider vinegar to the affected part by rubbing on the skin. You can also take ACV orally but you must dilute it in water first before taking it. You can add one or two teaspoon to one glass of water. Never take ACV orally undiluted.

Mud +Water For Hives Treatment

You can also apply mud paste (made from mixture of mud with water) on the skin and leave for several minutes before washing it off.

Lime Juice + Tetracycline Capsule + Tobacco Leaves Powder For Hives Treatment

Get one bottle of lime juice and mix with a dozen tetracycline capsule (remove the cover), then add a table spoon of tobacco leaves powder. Mix thoroughly and take a tablespoon orally twice daily.

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